“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
~ Theodore Roosevelt



Human Connection is the foundation of the real estate business.

Without it, the basic level of trust is non-existent.  It is my priority to establish that connection to gain the confidence of my clients to know that I will act in his/her interest in property wealth planning.



Edna Liong

With over 25 years of corporate experience, I took a brave step and entered the real estate industry, energised by the opportunity to start another new business with Huttons Group, besides a consulting practice in Organisational Development that I co-founded.

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My previous roles in Marketing and Corporate Communications, coupled with my experience as a Life Coach and Facilitator provides me an edge in this real estate business.

My ability to listen with intent allows me to genuinely understand my clients' needs without judging.  Having travelled and worked with people from diverse cultures and different nationalities,  I am able to make my clients feel comfortable and always being respectful of their perspectives.

In my business interactions, I place high priority on transparency and honesty.  These are critical success factors that built trust and forged strong partnerships with my clients and partners.

I work with a wonderful team at Excelsior in Huttons Group, a leading real estate agency in Singapore with more than 5000 professionals marketing hundreds of local and international projects over eight countries.


Complimentary Consultation (Purchase, Sale or Rent)

Mobile: +65 8-857857-3 or +65 9100-2990
Email: contact@ednaliong.com